Fine Art Insurance

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Collecting fine art, antiques and other valuables can be a lifelong pursuit of happiness. If you have a passion for rare and unique items, you will understand that true peace of mind can only come from knowing that your prized possessions are protected by a specialist household insurance policy. Unfortunately, a standard contents insurance policy can end up providing inadequate cover for valuable items, which is why we won’t deal in off-the-shelf policies where it is inappropriate to do so.

Agreed Value

The basis of cover for your art, antiques and collectibles is ‘agreed value’. This means that we agree the replacement cost with your insurer, up front. Insuring for the right value is therefore very important, and values should be updated every three to five years so that any fluctuations are detected, and your cover adjusted.

We take insuring art seriously and can provide you with high-quality advice and guidance.  Fine art can be insured either as a collection or as part of your home policy.