Non-standard Insurance

Are you struggling to get motor insurance for your car or van?

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Are you struggling to get motor insurance for your car or van?

If you have open claims, motoring convictions or an expired no claims bonus after returning from abroad; it can be hard to find competitive insurance.

We can help with securing quotes for non-standard motor insurance, taking the hassle away from you.

Our solutions are designed to help the following: 
  • Car and van drivers returning from abroad: emigrants with Irish driving experience who have lived away for more than two years are eligible for a discount to overcome their expired no claims bonus.
  • Private cars in a company name: if your car is in a company name, you may struggle to get a quote.
  • Drivers with an open claim: you may have found that you have a limited choice of insurance companies offering quotes due to an open claim against your policy.
  • Drivers who own a limited mileage second car: if you own a second car, this service may provide a solution for you if you provide proof of insurance and have a maximum usage of under 7,500 km in any one period of insurance.

All car and van insurance benefits are subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.